7 Ways to Build A Loyal Team

As the economy changes, so does the manner in which loyalty is viewed.  According to Daniel Pink, author of “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,” employee loyalty can be described as vertical or horizontal.  In a vertical setting,” The organization was on top and it provided security down to the individual.”

Last week we learned of the unique culture of Zappos, which included interview questions, hiring procedures and self worth as core values. In today’s work environment, team building is paramount for the creation of a horizontal structure as evidenced in the Zappos organization.  Working together is not automatic and it requires an ethic and environment that is supported by management.

The seven steps outlined in this bnet article are designed to create unity and value for individuals as well as the group as a whole.  Responsibility coupled with accountability, recognizing star potential, utilizing individual passions, brainstorming, and being realistic about what you can offer, will enable employees to work toward common goals in a horizontal setting.  Believing in empowerment and demonstrating delegation allows team members to make decisions and take independent action.  Reliance on team effectiveness minimizes risk by being more flexible than relying on a single person.  As people depart and new employees are hired, the single common thread  that we all want present is to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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