Discover Bulgaria in Sofia

Capital of Bulgaria in the Balkan Peninsula, Sofia is a popular host city for international conferences, trade shows, sporting events.

An ancient city dating back 2,400 years, Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. The nation is about the size of Hungary, or six times smaller than Texas. Bordering Romania, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea, this part of the Balkan Peninsula features diverse geography and micro-climates.

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Sofia: At the Intersection of Eastern Europe

sofiaServed by the national carrier, Bulgaria Air, more than two dozen destinations throughout Europe are offered direct from Sofia, popular for international conferences, trade shows and sporting events. Offering a perfect balance between sightseeing attractions and business events, Sofia has good public transport links around the city.

Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson, Holiday Inn are among the hotel brands well known in North America with properties in Sofia. For luxury, Tripadvisor votes go to Grand Hotel Sofia, where Shades of Red restaurant is the showplace for the considerable skills of classically trained Chef Joro Ivanov.

For those looking to discover traditional Bulgarian cuisine, we like the extensive menu offerings (161 to be exact) at Manastirska Margernitsa, a sweet 19th century-style taverna in a townhouse with garden and fireplaces. When you get home and want to try some grilled meat or sausages with stuffed cabbage and vine leaves for yourself, the restaurant’s website generously shares many of their specialities.

A variety of grapes are cultivated in Bulgaria, most successful of the Eastern European producers. Names like Gamza, Wide Melnik Vine, Dimyat, Mavrud, Red Misket, Ruby and Pamid will pop up. Do some tastings of your own; the reputation of local wines is “”cheerful, fruity and inexpensive,”” according to British wine critics, where Bulgarian wines have been widely touted for a couple of decades.

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