Should Spas Provide Salon Services?

In these stress filled days, providing spa relaxation with salon services seems to be a great way to enhance your spa.  Peter Anderson recommends adding salon services in a spa environment to increase revenue in this American Spa article.  I have heard salon clients discussing how even when times are tough, a good hair cut/color is a necessity, especially when you are looking for a job.  Mr. Anderson affirms this thought.   

I appreciated his emphasis on the importance of really creating a salon space in the spa, not just adding a few chairs.  The reality of salon smells and noise need to be considered before these services are provided in a spa setting. 

In providing salon services, spas have a unique opportunity to provide relaxation to more clients.  Salon services are often seen as more of a necessity than spa services, and spas can use that opportunity to provide the additional amenities that turn a basic service into a spa experience. 

While living in Indonesia, I took every opportunity to receive a cream bath treatment at a salon.  This was a deep conditioning hair treatment that included a thorough head, arm/hand massage, a brief pressure back massage and steam.  This was a relaxing treatment that was enjoyed by men and women.  As it was provided in the salon setting, it seemed to be more of a beauty enhancing treatment with long term benefits for my hair than a relaxation only treatment, although it provided both. 

If more salons were able to add such services, providing stress-relieving treatments with beauty benefits, they may be able to expand their clientele to salon loyals.

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