What Makes or Breaks a Spa Experience?

Despite all the complex moving parts and customization involved in marketing and sales, eventually, a guest walks into the spa.  Now is the moment of truth.  The guest has learned about the spa, made an informed decision and 89% of them have come to the spa to feel relaxed and relieve stress.

In Coyle’s Best/Worst Experience survey, we asked which spa provided the best experience and which one provided the worst experience. We then asked ‘Why?’ After creating a carefully calibrated scorecard, we saw three main categories emerge that caused both great and bad experiences: People, Product and Price.

As seen in the corresponding charts above, when spa guests mentioned their worst experiences, people came up most often.  When mentioning their best spa experiences, guests cited product most often.  Interestingly, in both best and worst experiences, price was mentioned the least, suggesting that price is not what makes an emotional impact on most guests.

We will take a look at each individually in upcoming posts.

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