Courageous Decision Making – Quit Being a Wimp and Lead

In this article,’s, Mike Figliuolo (training consultant),  sounds the battle cry for leaders to stand up and be the ‘courageous’ decision maker that will drive their company forward while their competition  continues to ‘hunker down’ waiting for the storm to pass.  Mr. Figliuolo, in an animated fashion, cheers for leaders to get excited, and begin taking those calculated risks which will set them up for future returns.

Mr. Figliuolo offers some in your face type advice on getting this ball rolling:

  • Eliminate FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt): Bring your team together, get all of their fears and nightmare scenarios listed on a whiteboard, and systematically analyze each risk in terms of both impact and probability.
  • Get Amped Up and Make a Bet: As a leader, lead.  Get pumped up!  Pick a project and get at it with enthusiasm as this will lead the rest of your team to act (he notes that he blasted some heavy metal music prior to writing this article).

  • Realize that Acting Now Means Winning Later: He points to a series of successful companies that he has worked with:  “Abbott, Oracle, Nationwide, Cardinal Health, Heinz, Bain Capital, and others. What do they have in common? They’re all leaders in their industries. Why are they leaders? BECAUSE THEY MAKE SMART INVESTMENTS AND TAKE RISKS EVEN DURING TOUGH TIMES!”

Mr. Figliuolo writes an animated blog that may just strike a chord with some of the folks that are feeling a bit ‘beaten’ down during these challenging times.  This blog also makes me recall Kanter’s Law detailed in the Supercorp article (10/7/2009, The Company), which states ‘everything can look like a failure in the middle.’

Read the article here.

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