PR Playoffs

One of the issues we ponder in ‘The Company’ is what makes a brand.  An important means of branding is Public Relations, which is essentially the art of getting other people to talk about you.

Though light-hearted in tone, this Chef’s Tales blog article illuminates a much more serious question: at what point does PR cross the line between brand-building to attention-whoring?

Well-executed PR strategies have the power to positively alter the way a potential customer views a brand.  Take the partnership between W Hotels and Acura.  It makes sense because W Hotels gets to offer their style-conscious guests a sweet new amenity, while Acura gains exposure to their target market.

Now, contrast that with the chief example provided in the Chef’s Tales blog article.  Was it clever?  Certainly.  Did it cost money?  Without question.  Did it build the brand in a meaningful, sustainable way?  Unlikely.

Read the cheftales blog here.

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