The Pay at the Top

We sure do hear a lot about executive compensation in the business world.  Though executive salaries are not as discussed, nor disclosed, in the hospitality industry, they are likely being carefully scrutinized for 2010.

A few things jumped out at me in this fun, interactive table from NY Times showing pay for 200 CEOs of big companies:

• The highest-compensated CEO (Motorola) had one of the lowest returns for shareholders.
• You have to scroll pretty far down the list to find a hospitality company: Starbucks.
• Hospitality companies are sparse: Marriott, Darden, & Carnival.
• Some of the most widely respected companies—Berkshire Hathaway, Whole Foods, Apple, Google—had some of the lowest executive pays.

This table also made me wonder: is there a correlation between executive pay and the customer/guest experience?

See the NY Times table here.

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