It’s Time for Kodawari in Tokyo

Coyle Hospitality knows that “kodawari” — or attention to detail — is the rite of passage for a top-tier Tokyo hotel.

Time is money. Location matters. When international travelers are in Tokyo for business, these clichés could not be more appropriate.

Additional Benefits

  • Japanese mystery shoppers based in Tokyo
  • Overtake your competitive set with an inside edge
  • Gain valuable insights into the full guest experience
  • Rely on us seven days a week
  • Use customized software tailored to meet your property’s needs
  • Benefit from comprehensive reporting, delivered right away

Hospitality in Tokyo: Where Standards Are High

tokyoThe flight was interminable, the transfer from Narita was two hours in traffic, they’re driving on the left and you don’t speak Japanese. And that’s just day one. Considering the situation, you want to check in at an exceedingly comfortable hotel with a really switched on English-speaking concierge who is happy to scribble down directions in Japanese for you to pocket each morning. This is the way to go, and has been for decades when it comes to Western business executives.

The best Tokyo hotels are never lost in translation. They know what you’re needing even before you know it. We know the best of them and help them stay edgy with fast-moving technology perfectly blended with Japanese grace and hospitality.

The successful formula is not so secret, but it can be elusive. It all comes down to straight-forward communication delivered with a smile, and we know the Tokyo-based mystery shoppers who can adminster just that on your behalf. From Roppongi to Marunouchi to Ginza and Minato-ku, Western executives are choosing hotels that their CFOs see as somewhere between very expensive and incredibly expensive. The bar to meet and exceed expectations is a high one in Tokyo, where there simply is no “best” hotel. Travelers are spoiled for choice among a cluster of outstanding properties where five-star is truly six-star.

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