Build a Brand Unusual

In the last year, even in a time of economic duress, companies began adopting initiatives to re-brand to appeal to socially conscious consumers. These consumers wanted to know how ethical and responsible a company is before giving them their business, and so businesses launched campaigns to show how “green,” how healthy, or how community-oriented they are. On a related note, Mary van de Wiel in a December article on proposes the idea of a brand unusual, or a brand derived from leaders “living out loud.” Ms. Van de Wiel explains for brand unusuals, the focus isn’t outward – meaning trying to outsmart competition – but it is instead internal. It is the brand doing its best and recognizing the “value it brings to the table,” all the while making a difference.

The following are tips on developing a brand unusual:

  • Set a Higher Standard and Then Live By It.
    Operating within the boundaries of social responsibility should no longer be an afterthought. Re-evaluate your vision and define how you want to be perceived by today’s socially conscious consumers. Focus on the positive impact your business has on the world.
  • Ask and Answer Your ‘Whys.’
    Great leaders think and act opposite of how everyone else thinks and act. Instead of seeking control, they seek to inspire. Ask why your organization exists. When you’ve found the reasons, apply them to your brand. Does your brand reflect your motivations? If not, align your brand with your “whys.”

There is more to a positive brand image than just dumping Tiger Woods as your spokesperson; there is a need to appeal to today’s consumers who want something more profound from those whom they give money. Ms. Van de Wiel’s ideas may seem like a spin on the hackneyed idea of “if you take a chance, then you’ll succeed,” but she is another voice reminding you that you’re appealing to an evolving customer base crying out that profit is not the best motive for a business.

Read the article here.

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