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In this interview with Brent Handler from Exclusive Resorts found on Perspective Magaine, Brent Handler explains what clients are looking for from ER and how vacation clubs differ from timeshares and fractionals.  Many members of ER are looking to avoid the additional maintenance costs of a second home and want the flexibility of visiting different locations for their vacation.  Although many timeshares are also offering exchange options, the process can often be complicated and time consuming.

Two main reasons draw vacationers to this type of travel.  The first is easy vacation planning.  Travelers don’t have to deal with rentals or additional hidden costs they weren’t expecting.  According to the buy and sell timeshares blog, with a timeshare or fractional, travelers may have their vacation week set for the same time each year with no planning needed except getting there.  At ER, a concierge will even arrange to have groceries in the kitchen prior to arrival, so the relaxation can start immediately.

The other important factor is that the costs are set.  Travelers don’t have to worry about inflation increasing their vacation price or searching around for the best deal.  Vacationers can also prepare meals in the kitchen and save costs on restaurant dining.  In this economy, timeshares are seeing an 80% occupancy rate, according to this article on  Although sales may be dropping, the majority of owners were current with their monthly payments.

The main difference with the membership model at ER is that members are not locked into a property or specific dates for perpetuity.  The ownership model can pose problems if the owner needs to sell quickly or if adult children are not interested in the same type of vacation their parent’s may have purchased.  The ability to pass on a timeshare or fractional is some of the appeal for other travelers so it is nice that there are many options for fixed vacations.

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