The Top Branding & Marketing Trends Cannabis Business Owners Need To Know

In cannabis, traditional advertising, and branding techniques are typically off the table. As the federal criminalization of the plant puts restrictions on what brands can say, and who or what audience they can say it too. Which not only affects standard print and media options, but internet and social media as well.

This means, dispensaries, retail storefronts and cannabis brands in general have to be creative with their strategies. Including, keeping up with the latest cannabis branding trends, and the current pulse of marketing cannabis. To stay in-tune with the freshest trends, keep reading for the top 4 cannabis marketing strategies and branding movements to hop on, now.  

#1 – Hyped on Health 

As more consumers are turning to cannabis for health, wellness and medical needs – brands are taking note. Now, more than ever there’s a health focus on packaging, branding and marketing strategies. From the recognizable ‘cross’ for health in logos, and graphics, to hosting educational events – health is infiltrating cannabis marketing ideas, even with the growth of recreational legalization. 

#2 – Minimalism Matters 

Taking a queue from trending aesthetics across industries, is the minimalist movement. For weed, not only does minimalism coincide with a focus of crisp, clean, health – but, also targets key markets who increasingly believe ‘less is more’. This concept also works with the restrictions that are imposed on the cannabis industry, considering the less you say or print, the less guidelines you may be breaking. 

#3 – Connect & Communicate

In a flooded market, it’s important to connect with potential customers, and keep up that connection. What helps is authentic communication and frequent engagement. Since social media is still restrictive on cannabis brands, many are turning to more conversational channels. Like email and text message marketing. The best cannabis marketing plans in the coming year, will include ways of directly reaching the inbox of target market consumers 

#4 – The Rise of Influencers 

It’s no surprise in 2021, that influencers are making their way into cannabis marketing strategies. Influencer partners have grown in almost every industry, and are uniquely advantageous for weed specifically. Cannabis influencers are on the rise, and are a legal way to maneuver around advertising restrictions. While also harnessing ‘word of mouth’ strategies on a much larger scale. 

Maximizing Marijuana Marketing 

What helps in maximizing marketing budgets, reach and success – is partnering with industry experts. Those well-versed in the market and navigating restrictions, can deliver busy cannabis owners the biggest bang for their buck. It’s important to choose the right strategy for marketing in the cannabis industry, so you’re not wasting dollars towards avenues that just simply don’t work. 

So, put the experts at Coyle to work for you. For over 20 years, we’ve helped brands like Delta Airlines, Anheuser-Busch, and Marriott streamline their operations for optimal success. This experience has translated to the cannabis industry, where we’ve helped MedMen, MedCare Group, and Cookies expand their reach, too. Let’s connect to collaborate on your next greatest success, by revamping your cannabis marketing plan, or branding.

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