Hotel Company’s Ad Campaigns are Undermined by Non-Compliant Franchisees


An international hotel company put a brand-wide initiative in place upgrading some of the breakfast features and hard goods in the room. Almost immediately after the ad campaign launched, they received complaints that these items were not in place.


Coyle asked for a list of all hotels in the brand.  A statistically and geographically relevant sample was created and tested within five days.  Compliance was lower than expected.

The hotel company issued a brand-wide directive that compliance was mandatory and would be checked within 30days.

Coyle referred a panel of independent professional evaluators, keeping costs low by referring locals who visited the properties, armed with photographs of the compliant upgrades. Photos were taken and uploaded to a secure site; non-compliant properties were identified and re-inspected within 30 days.

The entire project took less than 45 days from start to finish.


While keeping costs low, the client was able to determine that a brand-wide assessment was needed. Once that determination was made, the announcement of the upcoming inspections improved compliance immediately. Non-compliant properties were identified and presented hard evidence allowing for seamless enforcement.

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