Client Discovers Their Target Customers Are More Loyal to a Competitor


A cruise line was doing pretty well with a prized demographic, affluent empty-nest cruisers, but their own market research showed this group was more loyal to a competitor.  The information they were getting was skewed and anecdotal.


Coyle began by fielding a quantitative survey to several types of cruisers in its panel of independent professional evaluators to first determine what, if anything, distinguished the affluent empty nester from other cruisers. Secondly, Coyle wanted to identify a subset of independent evaluators who are empty-nesters with experience with both cruise lines.

A second survey was developed by Coyle’s survey design team and given opaquely to the sub-set of empty-nesters in the panel that had experience with both brands. Methodologies were employed to determine key drivers of loyalty for the group and perceived differences in the brand. Qualitative questions were posed as well to learn about moments-of-truth experiences with each brand.

A detailed regression analysis was able to assign loyalty values to several key touch points like entertainment, food, stateroom cleanliness, and age of ships.


Coyle’s set of results verified the company’s internal research that the highly desired empty-nesters were indeed more loyal to the other brand.  More important, the two most crucial touchpoints were identified and fleshed out, allowing the client to take immediate action.

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