Making a Hotel Company’s Rebranding and Standards Development Process Easy


A growing lifestyle hotel company had reached critical mass and undertook several initiatives to first create a brand, and then deploy the training and learning development teams to implement the brand. Still, not all the hotels in the portfolio were the same, so flexibility was needed. Also, an aggressive acquisition program required brand measurements that were easily understood and taken on by new managers.

As is the case with most growing companies, the hotel company did not have the manpower or resources to solve this in a timely manner.

Lastly, the hotel company was now competing against major brands for management contracts and needed benchmarking to prove their operations and management prowess.



Coyle reviewed the training and development documentation in detail, understanding exactly what the hotels had been trained on.  One conference call later, Coyle supplied the client with a mission statement for the brand measurements which was approved by the client.

Coyle then built a set of brand standards which fit hand in glove with the branding initiatives and training the company had undertaken.  Coyle ensure alignment to the hotel company’s mission, vision and values.  It is critical that the measurement program be culturally integrated. Exceptions were built in for those hotels that did not have bell staff and scoring considerations were given for the hotels that had leased food and beverage operations.

Coyle provided each hotel with its set of standards and attended the brand launch where property managers asked questions and got clarifications about the brand standards.

The hotel mystery shops began in three weeks. Coyle referred only independent professional evaluators with a lot of experience with lifestyle and upscale brands who were able to articulate strengths, opportunities and weaknesses while conducting the brand audit.


With little heavy lifting, the hotel company was able to field a quality assurance measurement program which not only fit the diversity of the properties, it was easily internalized by the properties. Built to be concise and focused on guest satisfaction, there was virtually no push-back from property managers. Narrative deliverables provided by the Coyle-referred independent experienced travelers were used to support the individual brand stories for each hotel.

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