Do You Have Your Own Internal Brand Inspectors?

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A mid-sized full service hotel chain was using its own internal management to conduct the hotel brand quality assurance audits. The inspectors started off using Excel spreadsheets and eventually migrated to an off-the-shelf survey software. As the brand grew in size, the data became siloed and the increasing number of stakeholders’ needs were not being met. The complexity of the inspection had also grown, causing standard versioning issues and inconsistency in the measurement methodologies.


Coyle consulted with the client and reviewed the current brand inspection questionnaire. Relying on years of experience with quality assurance measurement programs, Coyle re-organized the measurements so that it could scale and grow with the company’s need while remaining consistent with current protocols.

Once the measurement program was set-up, Coyle configured its a self-inspection platform using it best-of-breed cloud-based mystery shopping software. Advanced user criteria was set up to facilitate easy (and mobile!) data input and seamless reporting.

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Modules were custom–programmed so inspectors could incorporate pictures and other media files with specific brand measurements. This way, the brand inspector could upload supporting files for any brand defects.


The entire measurement data is online, meaning both the client and franchisees have immediate access to reports, action plans and supporting files. No more PDFs or Excel files stowed away on local hard drives. The need for paper has abolished. The fully hosted software has versioning, making any updates easy to follow and transparent to the franchisees. Internally the costs associated with managing and archiving the data have disappeared.

The inspectors in the field are able to use a multitude of platforms and updates are immediate reducing the time to complete the inspections by more than 50%.

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