Improving On-Premise Beverage Sales Through Incentive Mystery Shopping

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A leading beverage company needed a boost in sales for one of its products. They were doing well in retail channels, but sales had remained stagnant in on-premise channels particularly restaurants and hotel restaurants. This was especially confusing and frustrating because both the sales and marketing teams had been working steadily to increase awareness through brand promotions and discounting.


Coyle looked at the product being sold and identified the distinguishing values that the brand offered and began by learning how customers perceived and used the beverage.

Benefit statements were crafted and a script was approved that restaurant servers would use when guests were presented a menu. The desired presentation of the drink specified.

Coyle created an incentive mystery shop program for the client which involved a global hotel brand. If a server used the approved script when they presented the menu, and then served the drink to specification, the server was immediately given a cash reward.

Coyle helped create  messaging and alerted all the Food & Beverage managers about the promotion. As the start date approached, Coyle assisted with ensuring the hotels understood and were ready for the program.


The client saw an immediate spike in beverage sales before the incentive mystery shopping inspections began. Once underway, Coyle and the client helped share the success stories, creating buzz within the hotel brand that bartender and server colleagues were receiving cash payments. This instant recognition and reward helped sales continue to grow over time.  Staff member became more aware and loyal to the beverage brand. The beverage client was able to track unit purchases and create targeted incentives for the top and bottom performers.

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