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Experience the Beauty of Nature in These Outdoor Rooms

One of the best parts of staying in a luxury hotel or resort is the feeling of getting away from it all. Escaping to a new location can be an adventure filled with fun and memories, or it can be a time to reset and recharge. At Coyle, we understand the importance of elevating the guest experience in meaningful and unexpected ways. For many travelers and people searching for the perfect vacation, it all starts with finding the right place.

In these three locations, you can take ‘getting away’ to a whole new level. Each of these resorts offers you the chance to experience the upscale living of a luxury resort while enjoying the beauty of the natural world.

Place any one of these three locations on your next travel itinerary for a stay you will never forget.

Kakslauttanen – Finland

These futuristic orbs are the perfect living space for adventure-seekers wanting to experience the beauty of Finland’s natural environment. Each room comes with full glass ceilings, so when you want to observe the unobstructed views of the night sky, all you have to do is look up.

With the rooms built directly into the ground, you are afforded the privacy you expect and deserve with clear views of the sky and the gorgeous settings that only Finland can offer.

The best time to schedule a trip to Kakslauttanen is during the autumn season, when you can view the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed.

Free Spirit Spheres – Vancouver

While the rooms in Finland promise to place you close to nature, the Free Spirt Spheres in Vancouver go one step further. They put you in the trees themselves. These hanging rooms look like enormous tree ornaments, but once you step inside, you will discover luxury style living with a minimalist aesthetic.

Free Spirit Spheres make good on the promise that is right there in their name: you will feel your spirit soar when you are relaxing high above the forest floor, and these rooms provide the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect with nature – and yourself.

Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur

The California coastline is filled with exceptional luxury resorts and hotels, but few have the ability to fit in so perfectly with the surrounding environment. The suites at the Post Ranch Inn have all been developed with the natural setting in mind, blending seamlessly with the surrounding area.

Not only does this make the Post Ranch Inn a more responsible getaway, but it promises that each suite will be one-of-a-kind. With incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, the space and amenities of a rental home, and a personality all its own, Post Ranch Inn will give you the chance to experience the West Coast in ways you never have before.

No matter what your preference, these incredible and unique vacation resorts will provide you with opportunities that you will not find at your typical hotel. For adventure, beauty, and the chance to connect with the natural world, book your next trip to one of these amazing getaways.

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