Luxury Picnics You Will Love

Elevate your next outdoor picnic experience with these simple steps

When it comes to outdoor picnics, the traditional experience has been a blanket in the park, a basket filled with food, and an ordinary experience in a natural setting. Simple by design, the picnic has long been a go-to excursion for couples and families searching for an easy outdoor adventure.

But with so many restaurants and caterers having to shift their businesses outside, the opportunity has never been greater for elevating the ‘common’ picnic experience to something far greater. At Coyle, we are all about transforming guest experiences from the everyday to the extraordinary. Here are some easy ways to make your next picnic elegant, sophisticated, and a day that you and your guests will always remember.

Start with Location

Possibly the most important choice you will make for your next picnic will be the location. You can easily turn your everyday park excursion into a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience simply by going somewhere more exotic. Consider building your picnic into the end of a mountain hike or set up your meal on the beach as the sun sets down over the water.

Your picnic will be heavily influenced by the physical setting – so choose wisely.

Choose Comfort

The days of the scratchy blanket thrown on the ground are over. Luxury picnics are designed for style and comfort, and your choice of seating should reflect that. Fortunately, there are easy ways to create a classy picnic using common items.

A wood pallet can easily be turned into a useful table for you and your friends, simply by including a nice tablecloth. For seating, consider something that keeps you off the ground – especially if you are eating on the beach, where sand can become a real problem.

Lighting and Florals

There are so many touches that can elevate your picnic from ordinary to incredible, and decorating your table with beautiful floral arrangements is a great place to start. Flowers add a burst of color and beauty to any table setting, and you can match those colors to your overall picnic theme.

Meanwhile, a picnic that will last into the evening will be made magical with the addition of string lights. A soft, warm glow while the sun sets will create an enchanting experience that your guests will not soon forget.

There are many ways to create an elegant, memorable experience for your next picnic. And if you are searching for professionals to guide you through the process, consider event planners such as Wonder and Whimsy, which have turned the common picnic into a beautiful and must-experience moment.

At Coyle, we understand the importance of lifting the ordinary to the spectacular. With expert advice and independent, objective mystery shoppers, we help clients around the world to create first-class experiences for their visitors and guests. To learn more about the Coyle difference and how you can experience the best restaurants, bars, and outdoor venues in your area, visit us here.

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