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At Coyle, helping clients design and execute world-class guest experiences is at the heart of everything we do. And when it comes to hotels and resorts, where you stay can make an enormous difference between having a mediocre experience and having the time of your life.

Across the country, several hotels have created luxury guest rooms that feature whimsical, beautiful, and memorable décor. Check out these three incredible hotels with the most innovative rooms around.

Madonna Inn | San Luis Obispo, CA

The Madonna Inn has become an iconic California destination, recognizable from the outside by its now famous pink exterior. Fortunately, the interior is just as remarkable. Each suite within the Madonna Inn is designed with a specific theme – there is a room specifically for golf enthusiasts, a classic honeymoon suite with vintage décor, and the suite pictured, the Caveman Room.

When you are looking to escape the mundane, step into the Madonna Inn for an experience you will not soon forget.

Black Swan Inn | Pocatello, ID

In Pocatello, visitors have long preferred The Black Swan Inn for its luxury accommodations and creative themed rooms. A stay at the Black Swan offers many different types of experience – all depending on which suite you select.

Perhaps you are in the mood for high drama and romance – then a stay in the Romeo and Juliet suite will fit the bill, complete with a balcony overlooking the grounds, perfect for taking in the night air or recreating famous scenes.

Or for a more exotic location, consider a trip under the sea in this Atlantis theme room. There are truly no limits to what you will find when you book your next stay at the Black Swan Inn.

Sylvia Beach Hotel | Newport, OR

For book lovers seeking a respite from the world, there is no finer establishment than the Sylvia Beach Hotel. Each luxury suite is modeled after a different famous author: You may find yourself in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Room, or the Virginia Woolf Suite, or for true fantasy, the J.K. Rowling Suite.

Best of all, the Sylvia Beach Hotel features an upstairs library and reading room, complete with a resident cat who might just curl up on your lap for a quick rest.

When it comes to incredible guest experiences, Coyle is here to help you. With decades of industry experience and independent, expert mystery shoppers working around the world, we bring you the best in hospitality, retail, real estate, and healthcare.

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