Despite the Pandemic Hotels Remain Top Choice for Summer Travel

June 28, 2021 – In a recent survey conducted by Coyle Hospitality Group of 660 travelers who have booked travel this summer, the vast majority of respondents is purchasing at least one stay experience in a hotel or resort.

Given a choice of lodging concepts (e.g., home stays, apartment rentals, RVs, and other non-traditional accommodations), 73.8% of respondents selected hotels/resorts as one of the ways they are staying overnight this summer. While there is chatter in the lodging industry about glamping and other non-traditional accommodations, hotel and resort demand remains undeterred despite the pandemic. The next closest accommodation of choice is staying with family and friends at 38.1%.

Overwhelmingly, 80.3% of respondents declared that the pandemic had no impact on their lodging preference this summer. That number grows to 83.4% when looking at those respondents who exclusively selected hotels/resorts as their summer destinations. So, what does this tell us?

Hotel/resorts are a known quantity—according to the survey, respondents value the fact that they provide safety and security, allow cancellations, offer diverse amenities, value service quality and, most of all, deliver an expected level of cleanliness. With such emphasis on service, amenities and expectation of cleanliness, it more important than ever that hotel brands and operators deliver on what guests want and expect.

As the hotel business emerges from a pandemic-imposed hibernation, it’s vital to keep a laser-like focus on the attributes that keep hotel and resort guests loyal. At the end of the day, cleanliness and upkeep are tables stakes. A welcoming and smooth arrival, followed up with can-do attitudes from all staff will remind travelers why hotels and resorts remain a timeless way to connect with friends and family.

While new lodging concepts come and go, the hotel remains the accommodation of choice for most travelers—it’s up to brands and operators to keep it that way.

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