The 5 Things Business Travelers Say Really Matter to Them

Business travelers are unlike leisure travelers who vacation with their families and primarily use hotel rooms as a place to sleep between sightseeing excursions. Business travelers are a special breed, sort of like Marines on a mission; they’ve got specific tasks and they only care about accomplishing them with the greatest efficiency. These travelers tend to value convenience, access to reliable Wi-Fi, sufficient workspace, personal amenities such as dry-cleaning services or room service – all the necessary features to enable them to be efficient while on the go.

Unlike leisure travelers who tend to experiment by trying out new experiences, a business traveler rarely tries out new things, except, of course, when it becomes necessary. They like to stick to what they already know and what works while on a business trip. In short, they want reliability and consistency – they don’t like surprises.

Usually, the business traveler tries to eliminate uncertainty when they travel, and they want things at their beck and call. When accommodating corporate travelers, understanding what makes them happy while on the road can be the holy grail of ensuring they return time and time again. That’s why it’s important for lodging companies to know the five things business travelers say really matters to them.

  1. They want service from highly-trained staff

Business travel can be extremely stressful, especially if the journey is long and involves several stops in multiple cities. It’s no wonder corporate travelers demand premium service from highly-trained and efficient staff to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

A great percentage of business travelers include middle to upper management who are concerned with making the best use of their time. When staff is focused on ensuring the business traveler has everything they need – sometimes before they even ask, it’s a win-win.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that customer service is the most important issue high-value travelers identified when choosing their travel brand, as indicated by a recent study with Think with Google and Greenberg Research.

  1. They want to be in control

Most corporate travelers value having some form of control of their travel arrangements; including the ability to handle any changes directly.

Organizations can empower their road warriors with access to travel management tools from which they can easily manage their travel arrangements themselves.

Similarly, hotel brands that allow a traveler to select his/her own room in advance understand and have tapped into this need.

  1. They want convenience

To business travelers, convenience is a top priority, whether it be easy access to food and entertainment, proximity to a business center or accessible transportation – whether from the airport or locally. They also want to be in close proximity to their ultimate destination such as a client’s office or venue where an event it being held. To ensure these things are not only available but that the traveler understands how to access them should be a priority for lodging staff.

Staying connected while on the go is critical for business travelers, so having reliable Wi-Fi, proper power connections and locations around the property where they can easily connect is key. When these travelers work, they want to be able to do so in their rooms, at the bar or around the pool.


  1. They want access to fitness facilities

It’s pretty easy for road warriors to let their fitness slide while traveling. Considering that they are always on the move, whether hopping on a plane or spending all day in meetings, it becomes difficult to maintain an exercise routine while traveling.

For hotels and other lodging establishments, it’s essential to either have a fitness facility in the building or provide access to a nearby gym where the guest can get in a quick workout prior to, or after, a hectic day.

  1. They want high-quality hotels

A recent study from Egencia indicates that about one-third of business travelers say that the quality of their location is critical when on the road. This coincides with the traveler’s per diem as well as their company’s travel policy. The desirable hotels are those with highly-trained staff, consistent service and desirable amenities that allow the traveler to be productive while on the road.

As lodging brands better understand what the business traveler really wants, they can align their efforts to meet those expectations. As in other industries, the hospitality organization that wins the business travelers’ loyalty are those that can successfully meet those needs consistently.

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