Alert: Mid-2014 Restaurant Service Trend Results Are In

Bartender CashThere is still time in 2014 to exceed customer expectations, bring more to the bottom line, and rise above the fold. Using feedback gathered from the first half of 2014, Coyle Hospitality analyzed the performance of 2,505 global restaurant visits spanning over 80 countries. The overarching theme was revenue generation, where the fine line between gentle suggestive selling and being  pushy is often difficult to define.

Studies show that offering specific beverages or menu items at the table increases customer spend, yet this is only being done a third of the time, consistent with the 2013 data. Additionally, servers promote specials and explain the restaurant concept only a little more than half the time. There is  an opportunity here for further customer engagement and to drive spend.

There is good news: bartenders are getting it! Results for upselling drinks and food at the bar increased by 50% overall; three out of four bartenders are doing some form of upselling, which is great for guest engagement and the bottom line.

Our research also indicates  tightening up of  service and controls at the bar; transactions are being rung quicker, itemized receipts are being given with cash change, and bar controls are generally kept up three out of four times.

Want to know how your establishment is doing against a relevant competitive set benchmark? Desperate to meet the goals you set for 2014? Let Coyle help you master the M in your SMART goal (that’s ‘measurement’) and contact us today.

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