The After-Effects: How Post-Spa Results Affect the Spa Consumer

So, you won the battle to get the guest to your spa, got them through the reservation process and into the spa and they have departed.  Now what? Does it stop there?  With many spas, it does.  We found out what post-spa results caused negative and positive reactions from guests in the Spa Best/Worst Experience research.  This is what we found:

In best spa experiences, post-spa results were mentioned 24% of the time and in worst spa experiences, they were mentioned 10% of the time.  As shown in the charts above, the reasons for each were quite similar.  In poor experiences, guests felt pain, a lack of relaxation, a sense that the treatment was ineffective, a lack of pampering, allergic reactions and not feeling rejuvenated.

On the contrary, in positive guest experiences, relaxation, effectiveness of the treatment, rejuvenation and stress reduction were all mentioned.  Relaxation was the number one response for best experiences while being in pain and a lack of relaxation were the top two in negative experiences.   Unlike many other businesses, the spa is held responsible for how their customers felt the next day.

It is understandable that not every treatment will go as planned and not every therapist is the right match or practices the appropriate communication for every guest.  Instead of letting a guest leave the spa and experience pain the next day while blaming the therapist, or not getting the benefits they expected out of the massage, why not find out about the problem first-hand and try to remedy it?

Check out our next blog post to see what the consumers had to say about post-visit follow-up.

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