4 Key Components to a Well-Received Spa: Is Your Spa ‘Product’ Helping or Hurting Your Business

In order to best analyze the product mentions in both best and worst spa experiences.  We broke down the mentions into Cleanliness, Atmosphere, Amenities and Facility. Once this list was created, our research team felt it was worthwhile to then categorize the items that were mentioned based upon the difficulty/cost to change.  This gives the spa operator insight what corrections can be made at a maximum expected ROI.

When looking at negative spa experiences, atmosphere was the most mentioned reason.  This stemmed mainly from noise, temperature, a crowded feeling, a bland/sterile or lack of relaxing atmosphere, disruptive guests or bad lighting.  These things are all relatively easy to change and/or monitor more carefully in the spa.  Atmosphere also accounted for the most positive mentions with things like a relaxing/soothing environment, general atmosphere, music and quiet being provided as top responses.

On another positive note, cleanliness, arguably the easiest thing to change, was mentioned second most when guests recounted negative experiences.  Though it is disturbing that cleanliness came up this frequently, it is positive that spas can rectify such issues more readily and with minimal-to-no capital investment.

The absence of amenities such as water, snacks, wine, spa products, robes and other features were mentioned third most frequently in worst experiences.  Again, positive for the spa professional as these things are moderately difficult to change.  Guests mentioning their best experiences found these things really do add value to the experience.

Facilities, the most difficult to change, were only mentioned in 6% of spa worst experiences.  They were, however, mentioned in 22% of spa best experiences.  This indicates that, while expensive and more intense to modify, facilities such as spa features, pools, cafes and relaxation rooms are truly enhancing guest experiences at spas on a positive level.

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