What Does a Great Experience Cost? Does it Matter?

Question:  Why are divorces so expensive?

We just published our first segment of our hotel best experiences research, a short report called “Why the Raves?” found on the Coyle Hospitality website, detailing what attributes 5,000+ guests recalled most often about their most memorable hotel experiences. The most interesting data point was how infrequently people mentioned value. How can that be in this economy? Isn’t a great deal what people remember and talk about?  Apparently not.

‘People’ attributes like capability and friendliness ran in a virtual dead heat with ‘Property’ attributes like guestroom cleanliness.  I was surprised that ‘Guestroom Cleanliness’ scored so high…isn’t that just expected?  Yes and no.  The data suggest it matters more in Economy and Midscale hotels and less in Upscale and Luxury.  Things like décor and design also start to show inflection as you move from segment to segment.  Really interesting stuff.

It is important to remember that our customer experience research centers around what makes the great hotel experience, not the typical one.  In regards to staff behaviors and physical plant, we all know each plays a crucial role in forming emotional connections with a guest.

Acknowledging that, this research strongly points to the idea that the great experiences that hotels can provide, the ones worth telling friends about, are exactly why divorces are so expensive…because they are worth it.

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