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What is Coyle Cares?

Coyle Cares is a program where we harness the resources of our team, clients, and vendors to make the most meaningful impact we can within our local and global communities. These resources are strategically deployed with partners who demonstrate extraordinary efficiency and care.

Who are Coyle Cares Partners?

The organizations we support share the following traits:

  1. At least 95% of donated funds reach the cause.
  2. They produce outcomes that have sustainable and long-term pay-back.
  3. Programs are certified charities, with transparent and audited financial statements.
  4. Coyle staff and/or clients are involved on a meaningful level.
  5. Organizations are non-denominational and non-political.

We work with partners who share Coyle’s values of productivity and efficiency. And while 95% may seem like an arbitrary number, we will only solicit and apply resources to causes that show that they create outcomes that are consistently very productive. Moreover, these outcomes must be sustainable and scalable; we must “teach how to fish” instead of simply giving out fish.

We see philanthropy as an investment and therefore only partner with causes that provide an open-book to their financial conduct. Along these lines, Coyle requires a written statement of the manner in which any monies will be spent, including a budget.

Coyle’s business is evaluating quality, and we do so by putting an inspector at the point of customer contact for our hospitality clients. Likewise, our causes similarly have an ‘inspector’ onsite ensuring that the causes continue to meet guidelines.

Strong Kids Program

It is perhaps not surprising at all that Coyle Cares first partner was the Strong Kids Program at Camp Combe in Putnam Valley, NY.  Almost immediately, Jim Coyle instinctively knew that Camp Combe was different. Maybe it was because Jim had been a counselor at a camp during his college years or because he had visited several when seeking a 2-week program for his own kids.

“What even the casual observer could never miss  at Camp Combe is the almost freakish level  of enthusiasm of staff from top-to-bottom,” say Jim Coyle, who became involved with the camp first as a camper-parent, and then as a member of the Board of Directors in 2008. 

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