North America Mystery Shopping

  • Atlanta Mystery Shopping – Since the millennium, Atlanta has surfaced as a sophisticated dining capital, hosting some of the country’s most renowned restaurants.
  • Boston Mystery Shopping – Boston has such an intriguing food history that many of its culinary marvels are considered to be celebrated landmarks.
  • Chicago Mystery Shopping – Given Chicago’s 76 distinct neighborhoods, the city has plenty of dining diversity, and there’s much for gourmands to explore.
  • Dallas Mystery Shopping – Dallas is the gem of the South, offering residents and visitors alike a distinctive and plentiful restaurant scene combined with an abundance of high-end hotel properties—some with luxurious spas to boot.
  • Denver Mystery Shopping – As a diverse city, Denver offers diners a vast array of international fare.
  • Honolulu Mystery Shopping – For many, Honolulu and Hawaii represent the trip of a lifetime, perhaps even built around milestone celebrations.
  • Houston Mystery Shopping – The Bayou City is the largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth-largest city in the country, so it is no wonder that it provides residents and visitors alike with a cornucopia of authentic global cuisine.
  • Kansas City Mystery Shopping – Kansas City is at the forefront of dining and lodging.
  • Las Vegas Mystery Shopping – Las Vegas offers a wide-range of luxury hotels, casinos, and restaurants—whether you prefer to be on or off the strip.
  • Los Angeles Mystery Shopping – As the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles attracts an eclectic mix of the best hotels and restaurants available.
  • Miami Mystery Shopping – Well-known for its ethnic diversity and myriad dining choices, from stellar steakhouses to Latin fusion, Miami has rapidly become a foodie town.
  • New York City Mystery Shopping – Coyle has been providing mystery shopping and custom research to New York City since 1996 to a select group of companies that truly care about customer service.
  • North Jersey Mystery Shopping – Perched in an upper corner of the New York Metropolitan Area, North Jersey can readily point to location, location, location.
  • Orlando Mystery Shopping – A mind-boggling 57 million visitors descended upon Orlando, Florida, confirming it as the world’s number one destination in 2012.
  • Philadelphia Mystery Shopping – Once the social and geographical center of the original 13 colonies, Philadelphia remains one of the most iconic and celebrated cities in the country.
  • Phoenix & Scottsdale Mystery Shopping – Similar to Las Vegas, Scottsdale’s dining scene is shaped profoundly by the vast array of upscale and luxury resorts, attracting a number of celebrity chefs.
  • Portland Mystery Shopping -Portland’s abundance of locally grown and raised high-quality fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and cheeses make its cuisine delightfully healthy and organic.
  • San Antonio Mystery Shopping – Among the nation’s fastest growing, and already the seventh most populous city in the nation, San Antonio style is on fire, sprinting to the finish line in the popularity stakes.
  • San Diego Mystery Shopping – The sun always seems to shine in San Diego, a mini-metropolis where the dining scene is shaped by an abundance of seasonal produce.
  • San Francisco Mystery Shopping – San Francisco’s cuisine is so divine that many associate it with the principle of Epicureanism.
  • Santa Barbara Mystery Shopping – If you’ve never been to Santa Barbara, pop it onto your bucket list now and build a Pacific Coast Highway and Big Sur itinerary around it.
  • Seattle Mystery Shopping – For a city whose soul lies within its century-old farmer’s market, Pike Place, it’s perfectly fitting that Seattle has such a lively and tenacious dining scene.
  • Silicon Valley Mystery Shopping – San Francisco is one of the nation’s top culinary destinations, blessed with both the climate and sensibility which enables farm-to-table experiences applauded by chefs and diners alike.
  • St. Louis Mystery Shopping – St. Louis is famous for so many things, sitting in an enviable position at the crossroads of the nation.
  • Tampa Mystery Shopping – 5 million people a year cannot be wrong. Tampa is tailor-made for vacationers.
  • Tucson Mystery Shopping – Tucson has been quietly expanding its dining scene to include a much broader mix of traditional regional fare and new takes on classics.
  • Washington DC Mystery Shopping – With the number of restaurants in DC growing steadily in the last decade from roughly 1,400 in 2001 to 2,000 in 2010, there is much for diners to love in DC.
  • Westchester NY Mystery Shopping – The best restaurateurs, retailers, and companies whose brand relies on the customer experience are proudly represented in Westchester County, NY.
  • Mexico City Mystery Shopping – Mexico City is a gastronomic center, one of the greatest food cities in the world. From open air-markets to fancy, luxury restaurants, the food is simply superb.
  • Montreal Mystery Shopping – Ooh là là, Montréal. Our northern neighbor has such a charming touch of European style and class.
  • Toronto Mystery Shopping – As the largest city in Canada—and also one of the most multicultural—it is no wonder that Toronto is so popular for its dining culture.
  • Vancouver Mystery Shopping – Three unique pieces highlight the diverse food culture of Vancouver.
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