Europe Mystery Shopping

  • Amsterdam Mystery Shopping – Americans have long been fond of visiting the land of windmills, tulips and friendly people.
  • Athens Mystery Shopping – Among antiquity’s greatest cities, Athens is bathed in the same light that was praised in the Odyssey.
  • Barcelona Mystery Shopping – Barcelona boasts an eclectic group of high-end restaurants–many of them Michelin-starred.
  • Berlin Mystery Shopping – With a new, young, trendy, yet sophisticated population, Berlin blazes brazenly forward on all fronts, including the cultural and the culinary.
  • Brussels Mystery Shopping – Once a stopover, now a destination, the European Union headquarters has grown into its own, a melting pot of diplomacy.
  • Bucharest Mystery Shopping – Romania’s capital city puts one foot before the other, steadily moving forward as re-building takes place.
  • Budapest Mystery Shopping – Often called one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, the capital of Hungary is no longer playing second fiddle to Vienna or Prague.
  • Bulgarian Mystery Shopping – Still developing toward a more mature tourism destination, Bulgaria focuses on certain natural, physical and cultural selling points to attract tourism from beyond its borders.
  • Copenhagen Mystery Shopping – As the gourmets, gourmands and food lovers of the world know, Copenhagen is the city with the secret sauce.
  • Czech Mystery Shopping – Prague has become one of Europe’s top destinations in less than a quarter-century. Now visitors are seeing more of the Czech Republic.
  • Dublin Mystery Shopping – Dublin is literary, historical, culinary, and even high tech these days. But one thing is written in its pages for certain: it’s always a lot of fun.
  • Edinburgh Mystery Shopping – Get your kilt on and get to Edinburgh where the city’s patina is appreciated best on those magically sunny days.
  • Hamburg Mystery Shopping – Hamburg is a handsome city, Germany’s second largest, where blustery maritime weather lends a distinctive feeling.
  • Helsinki Mystery Shopping – Those who have visited can understand why Helsinki puts in such consistently high rankings among the worl’s most liveable cities.
  • London Mystery Shopping – London boasts many gastronomic centers, from its Bangladeshi restaurants on Brick Lane to its Chinese restaurants in Chinatown.
  • Madrid Mystery Shopping – Madrid’s extraordinary restaurants set an example for outstanding service that is supported by its richly inspiring traditions.
  • Munich Mystery Shopping – From its unparalleled, locally brewed beers—like Weissbier—to its Weisswurst white sausage and soft, doughy Brezn, Munich is a city steep in culinary tradition that serves up gastronomy in a unique fashion.
  • Milan Mystery Shopping – From the businesslike Piazza della Repubblica to the trendy Via Montanapoleone, Milan has super hotels as different to one another as the styles seen on the catwalk during Milan’s Fashion Week.
  • Paris Mystery Shopping – Paris has forever been celebrated as a gourmet, fine-dining destination by people across the globe.
  • Prague Mystery Shopping – Prague is home to some of the world’s most unique cuisine.
  • Rome Mystery Shopping – talian cuisine is simply unmatched. Evolving through the centuries, Rome took its place as a major gastronomical center during ancient Rome.
  • Sofia Mystery Shopping – Capital of Bulgaria in the Balkan Peninsula, Sofia is a popular host city for international conferences, trade shows, sporting events.
  • Stockholm Mystery Shopping – In a splendid city made up of 14 islands, to stand on the coastline of one and look out to others feels almost like being on deck on a giant cruise liner.
  • Vienna Mystery Shopping – Shake once, like a snow globe, to see light snow fall on imperial Vienna. Super in summer, elegant when illuminated, it’s a knockout.
  • Warsaw Mystery Shopping – The capital of Poland is a success story nearly 25 years after the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.
  • Moscow Mystery Shopping – Crammed in its center with famous sights that make the eyes go pop, Moscow is vast and sprawling beyond the citadel of the Kremlin walls.
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